In true military style our group is for serving, veterans and their families, teamwork and togetherness makes us strong, Our Facebook group is not just for information but to share experiences, let off steam, ask important questions and get replies from friends who have been there and done that, and most of all a bit of banter.

We also try to raise awareness by doing Presentations inside military establishments alongside Prostate Cancer UK, Testicular Cancer UK and Breast Cancer UK, because as we all know, detecting it early can save lives.

Looking forward, I hope to be able to offer financial assistance to those that need it and I am hoping to open regional offices (run by our members at home} so they can liaise with local hospitals and cancer trusts, arrange visits and presentations and be a phone call away for help. We also want to sort out some days out and activities to get together as a group and I’m su0re as we grow. we will get stronger and help more people beat this evil we call cancer.



Being a Veteran myself I would like to ask all Veterans who have suffered and been through the trauma of cancer to visit patient’s on the ward and at home. To someone who has been through an operation to be sat on a ward worrying about what the future holds, everyone needs a friendly face to talk to who can share similar experiences.

That could be us.

Please sign up and support a fellow Veteran.