Steve’s Story


A Journey Defined by Service and Resilience: Join me in Making a Difference


In 1969 I embarked on a remarkable journey as I joined the Royal Navy, serving proudly across the globe. After my retirement from the Armed Forces, my dedication continued, marked by significant milestones such as organising the Falkland 25th Anniversary Parade and spearheading the inaugural Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day parades and events in Southport.


However, life took an unexpected turn. Out of the blue, I faced a mini-stroke, followed by a diagnosis of onset vascular dementia, and later throat cancer. Through it all, I have been fortunate to have my wife and family by my side.


Reflecting on my own journey of ongoing post-operative recovery, I recognise the immense value of having a friendly face to talk to, someone who understands the challenges and shares similar experiences.






          Level 3 Safeguarding Adults  Certificate No AFXA-WEGT-AWBL-K7AJ                                                       DBS Check No 517564191