I have recently been discharged from Aintree hospital following a Laryngectomy. I couldn’t help but notice how many men received no visitors because I was lucky, my wife visited every day. 

I was the founder of The Veterans Fund until I had a mini stroke, the following year I was diagnosed with onset vascular dementia and the year after I unfortunately got throat cancer. 

I received radio therapy at Clatterbridge and then four and a half year later they found a tumour in my voice box which led to where I am today, 

We would like to call upon Veterans who have suffered and been through the trauma of cancer to visit patients on the ward, and at home.  

How it will work, 

Firstly, state your name and address with postcode, branch of the Armed Forces and what area they would like to cover. Then when we are informed a Veteran is diagnosed we would arrange visits. 

To someone who has been through an operation to be sat on a ward worrying about what the future holds needs a friendly face to talk to who has shared experiences. That could be us.

In the near future we intend to offer financial support for medical aid to those that are in need it, to help ease the pressure of, not just the veteran, but the spouse who obviously shares this awful journey. We also intend to raise awareness in our military establisme0nts so our serving members of t0he armed forces realise the importance of self diagnosis and catching it early

So please join us and support a fellow Veteran.