How You Can Help


Extend a Helping Hand


By coming together as a community, veterans can offer unique perspectives, encouragement, and empathy to those fighting cancer. Your shared experiences can create a sense of camaraderie and instil hope in patients, showing them that they are not alone in their battle.


We extend a heartfelt call to veterans who have personally experienced the challenges of cancer to join us in providing support to those in need.  The combination of your presence and understanding can make an incredible difference in their journey towards healing and resilience.


Get involved:


  • Share Your Details: Begin by providing us with your name, address (including postcode), branch of the Armed Forces, and the specific area you would like to cover. This information will help us coordinate visits efficiently and match veterans with diagnosed individuals who could benefit from their support. Simply email your details to:


  • Arranging Visits: Once we receive information about a veteran’s cancer diagnosis, we will promptly organise visits to ensure timely support. Whether it’s spending time with patients in hospital wards or offering companionship to those in their homes, your presence will provide comfort and understanding during their challenging times.


To find out more click here Contact us – Veterans Cancer Support