Singer and Olivier award winning actress, best known for her musical performances in Avita and hit songs like January February, I know him so well and Anyone who had a heart.

I’d like to announce that I am proud and privileged to be the patron for Veterans Cancer Support a superb group of ex-military personnel who are prepared to help each other through the rigors of cancer and raise awareness to others in the Veterans community! Barbara



An extremely talented singer who we are proud to have supporting us, she sprang to fame with the chart-topping group Fragma, her song “Anytime you need me” has an amazing 8.5 million views on You Tube, while her latest song “Pieces of my Life” is creeping up the charts. Her mother went through Breast Cancer, so she wants to help raise awareness.




   Frank Bruno


       Gaby Roslyn

Vikky Michelle

Jim Davidson